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Southwest artist creates Portland-themed tote bag

Nilina Mason-Campbell started taking pictures of bands as a way to get into shows.
But the 25-year-old Bridlemile resident and Lincoln High School graduate got so good at it, she was hired by Rolling Stone magazine to shoot the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

She also covered Fashion Week in New York this fall for Gawker. 
Back in Portland, she is pursuing other creative interests, including a tote bag she designed featuring an illustration of the downtown skyline as seen from Oaks Park, plus the words “Portland on My Sleeve” in red against a white background.
“I’m obsessed with Portland, particularly off-the-wall spots," she said.
The liners for the bags come from sheets she picked up at Goodwill. Friends helped put the bags together, and they get credit on the bag’s tag.

She started cutting out patterns on her floor. “I was surprised by how long everything took,” she said.
So she bought a cutting table from a contestant on "Project Runway."
The bags sell for $20. They're available at the Multnomah County Library store and Tender Loving Empire, a shop on Southwest 10th Avenue downtown.
“I’ve been doing crafty things my whole life,” Mason-Campbell said.  “My mom got me started with crochet and knitting.”
She sells beaded bobby pins and handmade greeting cards. She made friendship bracelets in grade school and bookmarks in middle school.
“This was my 17th year at the Multnomah County Fair.”
Mason-Campbell has pulled back from live-music photography in favor of publicity shots and portraits.  
Doing it for money “kind of warped my relationship with music,” she said.
She’s off to England and other European locations this summer for some free-lance projects.

Shel has big plans. She wants to write more.
“I want to get into music videos,” she said.

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